Rasyidi Nur Aldebaran, I Dewa Gede Hari W, M. Prastawa ATP


Treadmill Test is a exercise test for heart load with giving physiological stress that can affect abnormality cardiovascular that can 't find when resting. It need to monitoring electrocardiograph signal and heart rate during the treadmill test. Based on these, the researchers made modules that are used to monitor lite ECG signal and patient heart rate during the treadmill test.

The methods used in the manufacture of modules is to use After only design method. Researches only see the result without measuring the previous state. There is already control group, although without randomization. ECG Phantom as a calibrator and ECG Recorder for measuring Instrument.

There is a 0% error when compared between ECG phantom with module. Whether BPM measurement or amplitude. Couldn't obtained the value of HR with setting the amplitude of phantom 0,5 mV caused by comparators setting. Has been created ECG single lead monitoring modul portable wireless with display the ECG signal and HR on PC based microcontroller AT Mega8. For the next research can be done by making the comparator setting more flexible to be able to calculate the HR from the various amplitude, adding more leads for monitored, analysis of the ECG signal and database storage.

Keywords : ECG, PC, Wireless, Microcontroller, HR

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