Ahmad Faizin, Her Gumiwang, Diah Titisari


One way of testing methods performed in the manufacture of tablets and capsules is a way
to test the disintegration time. The disintegration time test aims to establish the suitability of
disintegration time limit specified in each monograph, unless the label states that the tablets or
capsules are used as lozenges or chewing or content designed to release the drug gradually over a
certain period of time or releasing the drug in the two different periods of time or over the clear
distance betweenthe releaseperiod.
On tbis bos\s the nu1hon m1\~t tnt tuu{ ({«td "Ois«<.tcgr«M« Tester Based
Microcontroller". In this tool, there are three selection temperature 3sOC, 3'f1C and 3~C
temperature selection in accordance with regulationfrom farmacope Indonesia with the type of
drugs to be testedfor a temperature of 3S'C types of drug testing coated tablets with a time of 60
minutes, 3"oC drug testing types of non-coated tablets with time 15min, 3if1Ctemperaturefor this
type of drug test capsule with a time of 15minutes, on each test using a speed of 30 RPM
After taking measurements and calculation results obtainedfor a temperature of 35 ° C.
Error% = 0%, to 37 °C,Error% = 0.01802%,at a temperature of 39 oC, E"or% = 0.08547%,while
the results obtainedfor motor speed calculation, Error = 0.51%.
Key Word: Suhu , RPM, Timer

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