Helinda W.R, Endang Dian S, Syaifudin .


To test the sample in the laboratorysometimes occurs a queue, so that the sample needs to
be incubatedfirst. Incubation of samples used to maintain the optimum temperature of the sample,
where it is to avoid the substances that terkandungan levels in the samples were damaged or
reduced in number.
Authors make a tool waterbath concentrated on the examination 0/ blood samples with the
optilllllmtemperature370C and is equipped with a timer election.
From the results of temperature measurement src when the timer works, the value of the
errorlor 2 minutes timer 1,46%. Temperature error is obtained when the timer 3 minutes and 5
minutes by 2,11% and 2,22%. Temperature error with timer 10 minutes and 15 minutes by 1,62%
and 2,38%. Timer 10 minutes 10 minutes first and second error values obtained (error) of 0.43%
and 0.4%. Timer 5 minutes and 2 minutesfound unity error value of 0.53% danl, 67%. Timer 3
minutes 3 minutesfirst and second error values obtained of 0.89% and 0.33%. Timer 15minutes
earned the error value of 0.67%. Timer 5second minute and 3minutes both obtained error value of
0.33% and 0.67%.In general it can be concluded that this tool has the error value is less than 5%,
so it can be said tofunction properly.
Keywords:Keypad, Temperature, Timer

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