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Therapy Sinusitis  with UV and Vapor bases on Mikrokntroller is a therapy device having function of multiple, that is killing germ  cause of disease sinusitis  ( therapy by using  UV) as well as improve  drainage in nose district at patient sinusitis. Sinusitis itself is infection happened at sine (chamber is around {by/ ocular,  cheek, and nose) causing contains matter (viscid mucus turned yellow or greenness) which caused by gagging at orbit aperture at sine and gullet as result of matters,  like infection  (cause very often}, adenoid as -result  of irritant material.for  example smoke of cigarette and or disparity of anatomy  at nasal bone or sinus.  To cures disease sinusitis done  variously, one of them is therapy exploiting intensity  UV and warm vapor causing can Lessen sigh suffered  by patient.  At the module  is former,  only applies  Lamp UV and has  not  been equiped with governing of lamp intensity and temperature  vapour. So based on the background,  at this opportunity writer wish to design a therapy device for patient  sinusitis as step of retouching  of therapy device antecedent.  This device equiped with therapy time choice functioned  to choose therapy process stripper.  During therapy process taken place  hence  timer  will be  presented  at LCD.  Footswitch  applied to arrange  big of  intensity of Light during therapy process, where its (the governing) is done by the way of depressing footswitch.  At the time of

footswitch  is depressed {by/ hence  intensity  UV will decline,   while if footswttcb  released I is not depressed hence intensity  UV will increase.  Buzzer  will sound when therapy time has run-out  causing  can water down performance paramedis  in operating device.  Based on result of gauging  of lntensltas light with governing of

maximum intensity that isflattening - plane is 13,4 µ Wattlcm2 gauging  of intensity of light with governing of

minimum  intensity  that is flattening  - plane  4,4 µ  Wattlcm2.  Where the tolerance value are between  0-50 µ

Wlcm2 .   From  counting  of therapy time  with gauging data from   1  - 5 minute is got average of   errors (% errors) 0,443  %.  After  done {by/ production  process and literature study, planning,  experiment,  assaying of device and data, got that operation of device easy for operator.  From result of the analysis hence inferential that this therapy device have been effectivein its use.


Keyword: teraphy sinusitis, uv therapy

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