Lutfi Saiful Rizal, Muhammad Ridha Makruf


Doppler is a diagnostic tool in medicine that has the function to listen to the fetal heartbeat. Doppler has a working principle by using ultrasound to detect the fetal heartbeat. By way of emitting ultrasound waves through a transmitter to a pregnant mother's abdomen and then the results reflected wave is received by the receiver with the addition of some electronic device we can detect the fetal heartbeat.

In the Doppler author made, there are several important series of works that support such Doppler Oscillator circuit, amplifier circuit, comparator circuit, monostable circuit and microcontroller circuit. Each circuit is working simultaneously when the Doppler've got a supply voltage.

Tranducer was directed to the fetal heart ultrasound waves will be directly on the fetal heart, after the fetal heart ultrasound waves will be reflected back towards the transducer (receiver). However, the results reflected ultrasound waves from the fetal heart had brought with fetal heart rate information. Results reflected ultrasound waves will be processed by electronic circuits mentioned above so that the fetal heartbeat can be heard in speaker and can know the number of heartbeats per minute.

Based on the analysis and testing of the accuracy of the measurement of the amount of data on fetal heart rate per minute, it can be concluded that the percentage of error in Doppler Ultrasound The Fetal Heartbeats Number of views per minute is <5%.

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