Bedjo Utomo


Flash welder’s is light effect resulted from electrical welding, it is usually affecting welding worker who doesn’t use face shield, the UV light is usually acute in nature making the retina inflaming (kerato conjunctivitis) and conjunctiva. Hyperkes research result showed that welding worker who didn’t use face shield is tend to suffer from kerato conjunctivitis on eyes about 15%.

Research design is comparison study research, especially it would distinguish those workers who are using face shield frequently and those who didn’t use face shield and would be related with eye’s accident. Research sample is electrical welding worker collected by proportional sampling and 100 respondents were obtained.

Dependent variable of the research was eye’s accident ncluding the frequent of kerato conjunctivitis occurrence and welding metal sparkling experienced by the worker and as independent variable was worker risky behavior including: worker knowledge about APD, UV light exposure level, distance between welding and use of face shield and individual characteristic factor that are also leading to working accident.

This research was statistically using cross label between use of face shields and individual characteristic where chi square α > 0,05 was obtained. Then on risk factor of worker behavior between use of face shield and level of UV light exposure chi square value α = 0.013 or α < 0.05. co-variable analysis result between incidence of eyes accident resulting from kerato-conjunctivitis by Kendall correlation test or the corresponding variable of face shield use with correlation coefficient r = 0,226; sign α = 0,021 and welding distance variable with correlation coefficient r = - 0,220; sign α = 0.026.

Then by multivariate test between dependent variables it was shown that effect of kerato-conjunctivitis accident R square = 0,24 was obtained or only 24% which could be explained while the rest of 76% was explained by other factors. Then for eyes accident resulting from welding metal sparkling R square = 0,184 was obtained or only 18,4% which could be explained while the rest of 81,6% was explained by other factors.

In overall, it could be concluded that use of face shield factors is still effective to be used to protect eyes from UV light radiation from electrical welding and it should be followed by surveillance and guidance from related agency and the concern to practice good behavior related with working safety.


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