Zuhendi ., Tri Bowo Indrato, Priyambada Cahya Nugraha


Automatic hand dryer equipped with UV sterilized is a tool used for the sterilization process, in which sterile medium is used as UV light, because UV is used on this tool has the power intensity is capable of killing bacteria, germs, and viruses.

In this tool using digital as the control system of the all instrument, and type GP2D12  Infrared sensor is a distance detector that can detect small distance from 10cm to 80cm.

Hand dryer are equipped with UV sterillized in operation automatically controlled using an infrared sensor, it takesnm 30 second for drying, and sterilization process takes 20 second past to destory bacteria, this is very useful for maintaining sterility hands because everything is done automatically, the principle works if the sensor is an infrared emitted at a certain distance it will be received or read in the form of analog voltages, infrared has three pin power, ground and output voltage.

Based Infrared sensor voltage measurements at a distance of 10cm at a time of an object can be inferred to have errors (% error) of 0,4%, at a distance of 20cm at a time of an object can be inferred to have errors (% error) of 1,5%, at a distance 30cm at moment object can be inferred to have errors (% error) at 1,1% while for the measurement of time for the dryer for 30 seconds inferred to have errors (% error) of 1,67% and the UV lights are flame for 20 seconds conclusion has an errors (% error) of 1,5%, and average percent error of 1,2% of the total measurements made over 10 times.

After making measurements and calculations can be concluded that these tools are suitable for use due to the error value is still far from the threshold limit of 2%.

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