Tsalits Agus Salim, Triwiyanto ., Andjar Pudji


Waterbath is laboratory equipment used to stabilize the sample, temperature is controlled through the medium of water, which is used where the temperature between 30 0C to 40 0C by setting timer 1 minute to 15 minutes.

To maintain the desired temperature stability, the system initially heat the water by using a heater. Then once the desired temperature is reached, the heater will be controlled heating. When below the setting temperature , the heater will turn on and when the temperature setting on the heater turns off, so the temperature will be maintained at specified temperatures. Waterbath are often used in laboratories, where the working principle of this research is to utilize feedback from the detector temperature to maintain a stable temperature of the sample in an aqueous medium such waterbath. 
In the previous waterbath just use a thermostat as well as a temperature sensor controls the temperature, see that the author tried to improve this tool by using a microcontroller system to operate more easily and efficiently.

Based on the results of measurements and calculations on the water temperature with a thermometer as kalibratornya water, obtained an average temperature error is 0.16%. While the timer with a stopwatch as kalibratonya, obtained an average error of time that is equal to 0.31%. In general it can be concluded that the tool is appropriate.

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