Okstavian Purba, Endang Dian S, Torib Hamzah


Clinical Chemistry is a laboratory instrument that serves to put a sample with a stable temperature. With this Incubator plane then at room temperature can be maintained in accordance with the temperature stability is required so that samples can be bound. 
             In the Incubator is the author trying to develop such tools by adding a heater that is used to incubate. Incubator is using the system microcontroller AT89S51 IC as the control of the whole. In this tool also uses a timer to sterilization by setting a timer 5,10,15 minutes and election of 300C and 370C temperature settings. 
            From some measurements made to obtain the values calculated average percent error of 2.4% and the timer for the average value of standard deviation (SD) temperature is 0.25. 
            Based on the data presented above can be concluded that the instrument can be operated properly in accordance with the control system are made, so to the timer and temperature on the tool is already meeting the standard because given that the provision that allowed the error tolerance of 5%. 

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