Enos Ratu Jawa Lodoe, Endro Yulianto


The heart is one organ that plays a role in the circulatory system. The heart pumps blood through the blood vessels by muscle contraction in response to the propagation of electrical potential difference. At the time of pulsing, every space filled heart relaxes and blood, then the heart contracts and pumps blood out of the heart chambers. Contraction of the heart causing the throbbing of the arteries can be felt in some places.

              Electrocardiography (ECG) is a tool that is used to interpret the electrical activity of the heart is done by using a noninvasive electrodes placed on the skin. ECG is a medical instrument that is required by the medical work to obtain information about a person's heart function.

              The term breathing, often interpreted with respiration, although literally true both terms are different. Respiratory (breathing) means inhale and exhale. Therefore, breathing is defined as the process of entering the air from the outside environment into the body and remove the air the rest of the body to the environment. While, respiration (respiration) means a process of combustion (oxidation) of organic compounds (groceries) in the cells to obtain energy. Respiration signal can be formed from the electrocardiogram signal. By utilizing the electrocardiogram signal filter method respiration signal can be generated, therefore, the authors are interested in creating software "Respiration Signal Formation Based Electrocardiogram Signal".

              After the process of software creation and planning literature study, experiments, testing and data collection tools, the software turned out to have shortcomings, namely, In matlab programming only store data in the form. Txt so it can not be done in real time processing. To search for inspiration and ekspirasinya signal, manually calculated by looking at the signal waveform generated respiration. Inspiration and expiration signal is not displayed automatically on matlab. There is no analysis of the patient's illness on this tool. Lack of calibration tools to ensure that the actual form of the respiration signal. Allowing many errors arise in determining the expiration and inspiration

              From these results it can be concluded that the respiration signal software can replace the respiration of SpO2 signal so that health centers have limited equipment electrocardiogram alone can produce respiration signals without additional equipment.

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