Rozi Mula M, Syaifudin ., Andjar Pudji


Blood type is a special characteristic of blood from an individual because of the different types of carbohydrates and proteins on the surface of the red blood cell membrane. In other words, the blood type is determined by the substance otal (then called antigens) contained in red blood cells.
In the readings for blood type can be read with the naked eye but the data entry process and the process of drying blood very long on average 30 minutes to make the patient wait too long and interfere with users' work efficiency.

              To overcome the above problems the author has an idea that is designing a tool for reading groups flocked by using a program to speed up the process delphi7 services in hospitals because it only takes a split second for the readings. As well as user can langgsung mengentry patient biographical data and print directly.

              The data entry process can affect the users' work efficiency due to the longer processing the samples will add lemotnya service. With the rapid process of service will add plus points of the patient to the hospital.Therefore the application software be applied to the performance of the user in terms of faster and more accurate results better.

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