PENGARUH KADAR DEBU KAYU TERHADAP KELUHAN PERNAFASAN PEKERJA (Studi Kasus di Home Industry Rebana Dusun Kaliwot Desa Bungah Kecamatan Bungah Kabupaten Gresik Tahun 2016)

Ma‟rifatur Rohmah, Imam Thohari, Bambang Sunarko


Bungah is a village and sub-district in Gresik Regency, East Java province, Indonesia. Desa
Bungah is well-known as a center of production for „kopyah‟ (a local term for cap) and tambourines. Since
the 50s the people of Bungah made the business of producing tambourines as their livelihood. This
business continues to grow along with the increasing number of tambourine craftsmen, mainly found in
western part of Bungah in Dusun Kaliwot. Currently, tambourines made in Bungah already spread to
almost all parts of Indonesia. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of the levels
of wood dust on workers‟ respiratory complaints.
This is an analytic study, that attempts to explore how and why a health phenomenon occur.
Subsequently, it analyzes the dynamics of correlation between the risk and effect factors.
Results showed that the individual level of dust measured in 38 workers of tambourine home
industry in Dusun Kaliwot was eligible (52.6%). Furthermore, most of those 38 workers had severe
respiratory complaints (36.8%).
The owners of tambourine home industry are recommended to provide their workers with masks
to minimize dust exposure and to prohibit smoking at work. Workers are expected to wear masks and not
smoke during working hours. The Office of Industry and Trade is expected to monitor and control the
levels of dust in the workplace. Future researchers are expected to investigate the ambient dust levels
around the home industry.
Keywords : Tambourine home industry, levels of wood dust, respiratory complaints

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