PENINGKATAN 'NILAI KALOR (Kal/g) KULIT DURIAN SESUDAH MENJADI BRIKET BIOARANG (Studi Pemanfaatan Sampah Kulit Ourian Sebagai Alternatif Pembuatan Briket Bioarang)

Olivia Agustin Nadia, Waluyo Jati, Umi Rahayu


The presence of organic trash heap especially durian peels was very abundance when harvest
time. To decreasing trash from durian peels it could be used as biocharcoal briquette. The making of
biocharcoal briquette by using starch glue addition and water as source to increasing kalor value. This
research purpose to recognize how much kalor value increase in durian peel.
This research as research type is Quasi Experiment Design with One Group Pre-Post Test
Design research, namely this design only using one subject group and also make measurement before
and after provide treatment on subject.
The analysis result of tapioca flour addition indicating that give different concentration on heat
value increase in durian peels. Based on the yield result had be done state that dry durian peel obtained
as many 3863,33 kal/g. While, heat value in durian peel already processed become biocharcoal briquette
with tapioca flour addition 1% gained average result 4047,46 kallg, tapioca flour addition 2% gained
average result 4225,25 kal/g, and tapioca flour addition 3% gained average result 4546,11 kal/g.
There improvement on heat value of dry durian peel and had already processed become
biocharcoal briquette. The increase of heat value (kal/g) gained different result according to tapioca flour
addition and water 100 mililiter that are 1%, 2%, and 3%. Suggested that must be done further research to
make biocharcoal briquette is not only durian peel but also other organic trash heap to rise up kalor value
(kal/g) and help to reduce organic trash heap then could be advantage for the people mainly durian

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