Merlita Novia Veronica, S B Ekowarno, Rachmaniyah .


Sulfur dioxide is a major constituent of exhaust gas generated by diesel engines. The main
impact of SOx (S02 and S03) contaminant is the generation of very sharp odor, the eventual
occurrence of corrosive acid rain, where as to humans such contaminants may cause irritation to eyes,
skin and repiratory systems, and may prove to b~ fatal.
The final produeNtf chemical reaction, H2S04 may cause corrosiveness, acid rain, and irritation
to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract, and may even be fatal, therefore it is deemed necessary to
initiate control of exhaust emissions from diesel engines. One of the many methods is the use of a
saturated solution of lime water (CaOH2)as absorbent to reduce the said emissions.
The purpose of this study was to determine the capacity of a saturated aqueous solution of lime
or Ca (OH) 2 in lowering the levels of S02 in the flue gas emission from diesel engines (mobile
This is a pre-experimental study using One Group Pre-PostTest Design, this study was carried
out by conducting measurements on 6 samples of diesel engine exhaust emissions where 2 (two)
measurements were done before and 4 (four) samples after passing through saturated lime water
absorbent (CaOH2). Duration of sampling ranged between 20 -25 minutes.
The results indicated the average levels of SOx before passing through saturated lime water
(CaOH2) was 117,355 mg/m3 and the mean level of S02 after passing through a saturated lime water
was 79,90 mg/m3. There was a decline in the average levels of S02 at a value of 37,455 mgr/m3 or
by 31,90%
This study concluded, that the lime water (CaOH2)solution was able to reduce the level of S02
in exhaust emissions of a diesel engines by 37,455 mgr/m3 or 31,90%.
It is suggested to owners of diesel engine motor vehicles to always perform proper maintenance
of their vehicles, and citizens (especially those living on the outskirt of a highway), in order to help
preserving the environment, are expected to plant trees and various other plants that can absorb
contaminants or can be used as indicators of pollution by motor vehicle exhaust emissions. The study
also recommended to study other kinds of pollutant gase

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