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Melati is one type of hotel frequented by a lot of consumers since they are affordable by communities
especially the middle class, local or international. In their operational activities hotels that provide facilities
should be supervised regularly. Impairments with regard to health standard may support transmission of
diseasesamong guests and to and from hotel employees.
The study took place at the Hotel Melati Singaraja Indah and Griyo Mulyo within the operationall area
of PuskesmasPenelehSurabaya. This descriptive research aimed to describe objectively the sanitary condition
of such an establishment such as the exterior and interior environment in a hotel building; sanitary facilities,
and facilities for hotel employees. Researchwas carried out upon the lodging component of the hotel, using
predetermined criteria in an appraisal scoring system. Data were gathered by means of observation,
interviews, measurement of several quality parameter of the physical environment and assessment of
secondary data records.
The results showed that sanitary condition of Hotel Melati Singaraja Indah and Griyo Mulyo Surabaya
were satisfactory, having a total score of 1099 ( 86 % ).
Reviewing all variables assessment of lodging sanitation there are several health requirements which
have not been satisfied, such as : hotel surroundings, there was no efforts in preventing infestation of insects
and pests due to open garbage containers located in outer courtyard, resting quarters for employees are
comfortable and but there was no separation between male and female employee,there is a need for
additional shower and toilet facilities for employees. Linens should be stored in closed cabinets and
warehouses should be kept neat and clean.
Among the suggestions are the provisions of covers for existing garbage containerslocated outside in
the hotel courtyard to prevent rodents and cockroaches harborage; provision of closed cabinet for storing
linens, improvement of cleanliness and managing the goods warehouses, provision of comfortable and safe
resting quarters for employees.
: The state of sanitation, sanitary facilities, hotel melati



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