KAJIAN POPULASI Anophelesspp 01 OAERAH ENOEMIS MALARIA (Studi Kasus di Oesa Gedangan Kecamatan Tegalombo Kabupaten Pacitan)

Tria Kusuma Praja, Irwan Sulistio, Marlik .


Pacitan district are malaria endemic areas. Built in that area still has a high malaria
cases. There were 432 cases in 2010 and there were 233 cases in 2011 at the area. The
number of cases malaria in sub Tegalombo were 23 Cases. Purpose of this study was to
describe the Anopheles spp populations in the sub district Tegalombo Pacitan at 2013.
The research was an observational research, it was cross-sectional study. The data was
conducted through observation, measurement, counting and examining laboratory.
Anopheles spp in Tegalombo District was An.sconltus, An. vagu~ An.ermateas.
An.berbrostris, An.subpictus, An.kochi, An.maculatus and An.teselatus. The most of the
population was An. vagus. Anopheles spp had higt biting activity 23.00-24.00 pm. Eight spesies
Anopheles spp have blood seeking behavior outside the home (eksofagik) and resting behavior
outside the home (eksofilik).
It will be required confirmation of Anopheles vagus as vector malaria disease. The
society should be using long sleeves for their activity, and using net for their sleeping time. It
is necessaryto explain the risk of malaria transmission and prevention of it.
Key word: Community of Anopheles spp and behavior of Anopheles spp.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36568/kesling.v11i3.140


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