Pengaruh Proses Belajar Mengajar Yang Menggunakan Dan Tidak Menggunakan Alat Peraga

Beny Suyanto, Karno ., Sujangi .


ater treatment props used in the learning process is intended to clarify the material
presented lectures more interesting and easier to understand. How much influence the process of
learning to use and not use props is a water treatment in this study.
Analytical study of the design of one group pretest-posttest conducted with a sample of
Environmental Health Prodi third semester students during the academic year 2014/2015 in the
month of September until November 2014.
Students of 51 people divided into two groups A and group B were based on the average
value of the first semester GPA (a) and II (two) are intended to have the same ability level and
evenly. Group learning process does not use props and group B with the use of props water
The results of students' pre-test group A and B do not pass the value of the gain and the
highest and lowest 50 20. While the results of a group of students posttest score average of 67.3,
the lowest and highest value of 60.7 79.3. The student group B average value 78.3, the lowest
value of 70, and the highest 84.7. There are significant differences utilize the learning process and
not use props.
The above data indicate that the level of understanding of the students in the lecture using
props are better than without props. Konfrehensif cognitive abilities and effective student group B
was also better. Props water treatment also allows professors to teach and improve communication
skills for students. Thus, each subject-oriented knowledge and skills needed innovation of science
and technology major props adequate.

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